art in the air – by nadja issa

Art in the Air offers exhilarating aerial dance Performances as well as various forms of Dance, Stilt-walking, Acrobatics and other forms of Art to provide alluring, dramatic, and compelling Performances. The Audience is transformed into a new musical experience of topsy-turvy entertainment with performers on a vertical stage.

Art in the Air creates unique recitals that compliment objectives of any event.

From concept development to the final performance, Art in the Air works to construct an ambience that considers the audience, the mood and the theme to deliver an exhilarating display of airborne artistry.
Art in the Air challenges any locations, from traditional and heritage venues to modern skyscrapers. Whether indoors or outdoors, Art in the Air showcases Performances that blend aerial work of dance seamlessly with the surrounding of the locations. From walls to buildings to cranes, theaters, cinemas, sports clubs, malls, rooftops, fire escapes, industrial cranes and exhibitions.

Art in the Air can transform any venue on the floor or vertical stage into a of in-flight story telling.